Empowering Leadership & Emotional Intelligence

For Transcending Leadership to New Heights

Leaders are confronted with difficult situations, strong challenges and conflict every day. Stress and emotional overload comes with that as natural by-product.

It is more important than ever, for leaders to learn how to handle any challenges while remaining calm and centered. Many leaders of today learn Emotional Intelligence techniques to more effectively lead themselves and others. 

This training offers specific strategies and hands-on tools for supervisors, managers and leaders in any position to act and interact from an inner place of neutrality and highest professionalism - and to navigate each day more easily and successfully.

Empower Leadership & Emotional Intelligence

Guiding and influencing for high performance is a never-ending art. The way leaders communicate and interact is directly linked to how they can handle emotions and states of mind. It is important on a daily basis to hone the ability to remove personal involvement and unconscious responses from leading interactions through increasing your leaders genuine neutrality, authority and authenticity.

This training saves you daily lost time and money wasted in ineffective interactions, instructions that are not followed, conflict and procrastination within your teams and poorly prepared meetings. Your daily performance and productivity will thrive when you as leaders know how to transform any resistance into agreement, heighten their ownership (into the company, into performance results). 

A leader helped to overcome inner obstacles and empowered with a fresh programmed mind-set for success will act with greater assertiveness, effectiveness and integrity.

The success of these trainings will be measured through specific self-evaluation processes that enhance daily motivation to perform higher.Each leader will receive templates to gage their daily results optimized by advanced feedback methods from higher-ups and team. Investing into empowering you leaders will give you multi-fold return, bring your vision and mission into action and create thriving working atmospheres.

Leadership & Emotional Intelligence,Why Emotional Intelligence is So Important?
Leadership & Emotional Intelligence,EQ Test by Six Seconds

Objectives & Outcomes 

Values, purpose and outcomes for your leadership.
Identify emotional triggers. Handle emotions that are obstacles successfully.
Mind-sets for success. Techniques to manage states of mind, display assertiveness and project success. Enhance leadership excellence and charisma.
Enhance your voice abilities through an “Advanced Voice Training”.
Use the hidden powers of your voice more intentionally.
Taking ownership – building commitment. Applying and passing on the accountability model.
Identify and change Language that Disempowers into Language that Empowers.
Four steps for Emotional Intelligence. Step-by-step procedures to make you the master of your emotions and enhance professionalism.
Today’s leaders coach and involve. Leadership communication and instruction techniques to assure the other follows.
Employees or teams collaborate well when emotionally engaged. Enhance buy- in and behavioral responsiveness through emotional engagement techniques.
Demonstrate greater leadership ability in case scenarios. Entertaining leadership presentations.


Senior Managers
Junior Managers to be groomed for elevation
HR Professionals


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