Emotional Intelligence Certification In Mumbai

Imetus Corporate Consulting’s Emotional Intelligence certification in Mumbai, through our program you will come to know about lot of stuff in emotional intelligence. This course is a insightful and activity based program, which will provide you with the opportunity to identify and manage your own emotions and help you channelize it in maintaining positive environments and collaborative relationships around you.

Our professionals will help you in every situation. Emotional Intelligence is a rare quality but highly essential in a true leader. A leader’s intelligence must be backed by a strong emotional component, apart from rationale and intellect. A high level of self-awareness and maturity define a leader’s ability to handle success as well as failure in the right spirit. This course is quite crucial in leadership roles.

A candidate will get to know that emotional intelligence is the ability to perceive one’s own and others emotions and use them to guide behavior. People with high levels of emotional intelligence which we measure in the form of the Emotional Quotient, or EQ may achieve greater professional success than those with low EQs.

Scientific evidence indicates that emotions drive and fuel the life with positive energy, enthusiasm and well-being effecting emotions drive learning, decision-making, creativity, relationships, and health. EI is a critical skill to understand and manage self and others to ensure higher performance at the workplace.

Impetus Corporate Center focus is on spreading positivity, happiness and preventing mental health issues problem in the society. This certification is unique in its approach and application of Emotional Intelligence (EI) to all age groups for healthy and happy life.

Our emotions evolved to serve a social purpose that enables us, as humans, to survive. The ability to recognize friend from foe, to reduce stress, and return our nervous system to a state of balanced equilibrium and to feel loved and happy is essential. Our certification course training will help you to understand all the things you require for this profession.

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