Your age, weight, income, IQ these are among the most important numbers that converge to form a comprehensive picture of your existence. Most people can readily recall these figures. Many believe these numbers dictate a person’s place or status in the world, but do you know the most important number to predict your success in work, love, and play? Your emotional quotient (EQ) represents how well you know yourself, understand others, and balance the demands of life. Emotionally intelligent people are empathic, resilient, flexible, and creative. They apply well-developed interpersonal skills to become influential leaders and master managers of stress. Many researchers have linked a high EQ to the higher likelihood of success in several different areas of life. Emotional intelligence has become one of the most promising areas of scientific study because it has the potential to drastically improve a person’s social and occupational life. .

EQ may hold the answer to several mysteries of social interaction, but the most important question of all remains.

Do you know your EQ?

The value of EQ extends well-beyond the pages of scientific rhetoric into real world application for self-improvement.

Emotional intelligence can be improved at any age. Knowing where you are today & where you want to go is rightly your decision to take the EQ Test.
EQ Training by Sanjeev Deshpande,EQ is More Important

Sanjeev Deshpande
(Corporate Trainer )


Six Seconds, pioneer organisation in the world offers comprehensive assessment of EQ through its online test. This test report explicitly covers all aspects of one’s life like Relationships, Self esteem, Family & professional factors.

Sanjeev Deshpande is a veteran management professional having spent 30 years in Sales, Marketing and Training put together. He rose to the position of Business Head from a position of grass roots thus he understands the challenges faced by the people at each phase of life & career.

He is a graduate of Microbiology from Shivaji University, India and has been trained in IIM Ahmedabad and Bangalore & Calcutta during his career in management.

  • He has certifications in communication by Renowned Indian Theater personality Alyque Padamsee.
  • Graduation as a Trainer from Dale Carnegie Training.
  • Accredited Trainer of “Neuro Linguistics Programming from ANLP, India & IFCNLP (UK)
  • Trainer Member of IFCNLP
  • Advance Life Coach from IFCNLP
  • Certified coach & EQ Assessor from “Six Seconds” (USA)

Being Certified EQ Assessment Coach, Sanjeev has helped over 700 people from different fields to get them better at their Emotional Intelligence

Some of important clients include: - Centaur Labs, Johnson & Johnson Ltd., Comed Chemicals, AT & T, Besin Healthcare, Vodafone, ICICI Bank, Tech Mahindra, Bajaj Capital.

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